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"The universe is not made up of atoms;

it's made up of stories." 

– Murial Rukeyser


Our stories are powerful. Our stories move people.  Our stories help people understand this devastating disease.  

Our stories help people know what we are fighting for...and how they can help.

Please share your story with us, so we can help in the #Fight2EndALS.

How to use Fight2EndALS: 


Step 1:  Share one of our videos on your social media, and tag your legislators (find your legislators here)

Step 2:  Write your story as 10 short sentences or less. 

Step 3:  Upload 6-10 images that illustrate your story. 

Step 4:  Tell us who you are and then we take it from there.  Our goal is to convert each script into a video that we will  send to you for approval and then we'll help you share it across social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and  Facebook.  Your script can be heartbreaking,  joyful, hopeful, anything you'd like to convey. Your video may be used by our team,  I Am ALS and/or other ALS organizations to help in the fight against ALS.

Fight2EndALS | Video Library

Fight2EndALS | Video Library

Fight2EndALS | Video Library
TIME BOMB | Mindy's Story

TIME BOMB | Mindy's Story

Play Video
HORROR | Kristen's Story

HORROR | Kristen's Story

Play Video
BATTLE | Gary's story

BATTLE | Gary's story

Play Video
CRIMINAL | Cristy's story

CRIMINAL | Cristy's story

Play Video

Sample Scripts To #EndALS


I am a mother, 

who lost two sons. 

I am grieving,

but I am tough. 

I am a momma bear

I am going to make sure no other mother knows the pain I feel.

I am asking for your help to fight for ALS treatments, and a cure.



Share this film and tag your legislator

We #EndALS when everyone cares. 


Script Submission Form To #EndALS


If you have questions, 

or would like to upload 

your own script

& pictures directly, 

please use this form. 

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